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MANGOCASA presents Busnelli_Museum


Posted on June 7, 2013

The history of Italian design June 7, 2013 at 19:30.

During the event you can taste the homemade pasta prepared live by the ladies of the restaurant Diamante Sicignano and cooked by the staff of the restaurant Porta Sirena Paestum, all accompanied by wine cellars of San Salvatore. Radio Castelluccio will be present throughout the event and will broadcast live music.

The Industrial Group Busnelli, the historic district Brianzolo production with a production part of upholstery for over fifty years, has designed and developed a traveling museum. Through the stages of Busnelli_Museum, which take place in major cities of Italy and the world, the company wants to be the bearer of Italian design by exposing some of the most significant pieces of its production.

Busnelli was a pioneer of style, design, and image quality, through many of its products including the sofa and armchair Piumotto Mustache and armadillo, and Non Stop Embankment and important examples of technological experimentation made with the technique of integral foam already 1973 in collaboration with Pirelli. Moreover Busnelli was able to express creativity and charm through the chair and Bow Book, for other products stably exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

A historical account, a means and a cue to communicate the strength of the past combined with that of the present, presenting not only the historical pieces but also some of the products of the current collection, as the sofa PiumottoØ8, Chicago ... signs of design today, the result of long experience of the past.

To celebrate this project Busnelli uses the extraordinary collaboration of the most important outlets Busnelli, a mutual support, a close relationship, which creates more and more live events and significant, widespread communication of high quality.

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DELBASSO showroom opening party espone MANGOCASA


Posted on December 7, 2013


December 13 at 19:00 at delbasso parquet battipaglia sa

In conjunction with the opening of the showroom DELBASSO, MANGOCASA exhibits a selection of furniture to the various floors abinata.

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Cocktail in Cucina


Posted on December 16, 2011

Cocktail in Cucina or Kitchen Cocktail with presentation of the new collection of MODULNOVA

During the event you can taste appetizers and main dishes chef Dramsino

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Born on the island of Murano in Venice FOSCARINI has innovation as a fundamental concept: progressive search of immediacy and depth, analysis of materials, shapes, processie mode of use.

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Characters, lifestyles, cultures, traditions, each model Twils has behind needs, dreams, possibilities, and it is designed to offer well-being, strength, ergonomics and practicality.

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Invent new languages around the light to indicate We mean new aesthetics and freedom of living. The lamps FLOS, yesterday and today, never forget to take seriously the game and irony.

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The wood is part of Our Life. With this living material we dialogue, in a speech where you compare the wood, its veins and a desire to shape it. Hence the choice of essence wood like Partner.

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KARTELL Partner+Lights

Exhibition space dedicated to the eclectic range of Kartell where vehicular products and the wide range of colors, with the identity, design, innovation, values and philosophy Kartell.

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The craftsmanship, care, attention, comfort and technology, Maison Busnelli, where the sofa "cut" of personal needs with infinite solutions, with exclusive collections Bernini

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Design with attention to every detail, simplicity in forms, high levels of customization, through color and modularity, quality of materials and craftsmanship signed LAGO.

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