Famous brands, innovative design and sophisticated, classic and the widest range of customization that exists today, and one purpose to harmonize creativity and technology, conviviality and functionality, through innovative solutions for environments that improve the quality of life.

Our Partner: Modulnova, Ged, Lago, Doimo cucine, Bontempi, Bernini, Minacciolo, Cantori, Masson Matiée, Busatto mobili, Faber mobili, Gurian, Bodema, Busnelli, Bonaldo, Cattelan italia, Jesse, Santarossa, Alivar, Flos, Kartell, Foscarini, Horm, Colico, Kristalia, Twils, Cini&Nils, Davide Groppi, Masiero Group, Doimoffice, Casamania, Magis, Essence Wood, Calligaris, Cinova, Gruppo Fox, Cia International, Doimo Cityline, Sangiacomo, De Rosso, Pacini e Cappellini.

Carpentry Workshop

We are a woodworking craftsman with decades of experience in the field of wood furniture to measure, for homes, offices, shops, pharmacies, restaurants and hotels.

Our products are made with great care, focusing on the choice of wood, with production processes with low environmental impact, environmentally friendly paint, attention to ergonomics, commitment to quality and well-being. We work wood, plastics, metals and Corian®.

Our work ranges from interior design to that of hotels, restaurants, up to pharmacies.

We are certified Laboratory DuPont™, a member of the Quality Network Help Center DuPont™ Corian®. We work and we install Corian® and issue certification and warranty.


Mini Gallery

Last Brand


Born on the island of Murano in Venice FOSCARINI has innovation as a fundamental concept: progressive search of immediacy and depth, analysis of materials, shapes, processie mode of use.

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Characters, lifestyles, cultures, traditions, each model Twils has behind needs, dreams, possibilities, and it is designed to offer well-being, strength, ergonomics and practicality.

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Invent new languages around the light to indicate We mean new aesthetics and freedom of living. The lamps FLOS, yesterday and today, never forget to take seriously the game and irony.

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