MANGOCASA is LABORATORY for the processing of the KERLITE©
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Kerlite© What is this?

Kerlite© Cotto d’Este© is a laminated stoneware obtained through an innovative production system, the result of advanced technology and high performance. It is produced in whole slabs of 300x100 cm without the use of molds. Kerlite is pressed with a force of 15,000 tons and a fully automated cutting line allows to obtain the various final formats.

Kerlite Plus is a laminate made stoneware by applying at the bottom of the sheets with a glass fiber mat, which ensures excellent resistance to wear and makes the grip of the plates to the bottom of adhesive.

A new interpretation of the manufacturing process led to the development of revolutionary machines. The production plant operates by reducing the noise and dust emissions, with a high degree of automation and high quality of the work environment.

The Kerlite laminated stoneware born dale same "families" of raw materials with which we produce the traditional ceramic tiles porcelain tile: clay, kaolin and feldspar, while the production process makes use of innovative baling machines, decorum and patented cooking. All developed technologies do not provide for sludge and waste water to be treated and generate a low energy consumption, mainly of electric nature.

Kerlite© & Furniture

Certainly, Kerlite is an extremely versatile material, ideal for the production of kitchen worktops.

Cutting, drilling, shaping the slabs are executed with remarkable simplicity, this allows you to adapt to Kerlite all needs and circumstances of a kitchen floor.

The high firing temperature during production of the sheets, makes the surface of Kerlite is resistant to high heat sources, allowing to support still hot dishes without fear. Kerlite does not absorb liquids, does not retain dirt and never retains odors.