You can see the wedding list of your friends or relatives on this site, from the comfort of your home, by taking all the time necessary to make the best choice.

To protect the privacy of future spouses, some wedding lists will be password protected and if necessary will not be included in the list of the site public.

For a public list, simply click on the name of the list or on its red button; while if the list is not public you will need to enter the names of the couple and invited password <ID code> and press enter, will be raised for future Newlyweds comunichere login credentials once allesitita the wedding list and published online.

The photos are purely indicative of the model chosen by the couple.

Format, size and color of the selected items are shown in this list to the showroom.

Prices quoted are for the list price.



What happens to the gifts not purchased?

There is no obligation to buy for items remaining on the list and not given away.

What happens if prices rise?

During the entire duration of your wedding list, no price change will be applied to items already in your wedding list.


Who delivers the presents?

Individual guests can choose to pick up gifts at one of Our points-sale or have them sent directly to the place selected by the future Newlyweds. In no case an extra charge will be applied.

Those who decide to send gifts such as communicating to future Newlyweds?

At the time of purchase will receive a COUPON with gift-related data.

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